Who is Silo?

Silo (1938-2010) is a spiritual guide and humanist. His teachings provide answers to these convoluted, violent and hopeless times. His message is simple and at the same time profound. His work transcends all frontiers and has reached the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in the most diverse cultures on all the continents.

He inspired a new spirituality known as Silo’s Message which addresses the fundamental themes of life not through beliefs but through one’s own experience. “Here it tells of the inner revelation at which all arrive who carefully meditate in humble search.”

Silo was also the founder of a new current of thought known as Universal Humanism that promotes simultaneous personal development and social transformation. It foresees a “universal human nation”, overcoming discrimination, fanaticism, exploitation and all kinds of violence.

Silo was a prolific author whose works covered a broad spectrum of themes beyond spirituality, ranging from philosophy to psychology, sociology, mythology and fiction. His books have been translated into dozens of languages. A library of his authentic works can be found at: silo.net

Silo lived in Mendoza, Argentina, a small town at the foothills of the Andes. He passed away accompanied by friends and family.