Nicole resides in New York City and loves working with this extraordinary team of international people. She began developing The 7 Days of Asking program… Read More »Nicole


Sudhir from India is a long time advocate of helping others through retreats and workshops. Encouraging many people to be a part of this inspiring… Read More »Sudhir


Marita from Germany, resides in Austria. Enjoying her part in this Asking program has given her an additional platform on which to expand her purpose… Read More »Marita


Rita from Hungary lives part time in India. She loves nature, creating art from textiles and wood. As a mother, she extends a connective warmth… Read More »Rita


Krisztina a Hungarian, living in Ireland is a sound therapist, yoga teacher and artist, working with people from all walks of life. She is passionate… Read More »Krisztina

Jean Marc

Jean-Marc from France, lives in New York City. His wisdom and kindness is untiring in his dedication to help build a more hopeful future for… Read More »Jean Marc


Kayse grew up in Washington State but resided most of her life between San Francisco and New York City. She is an artist and humanist,… Read More »Kayse


Tamás from Hungary is our brilliant programmer for the Asking website. He has a unique love of glassblowing and is frequently seen photographing our universe.


Nando is originally from Ecuador but lives in the Washington, D.C. area in the U.S.A. He is an accomplished artist and his design of the… Read More »Nando


Attila from Hungary, is a father and grandfather. His sensitive and soft ways of treating others, without prejudice is a delightful contribution to this team… Read More »Attila