Day 7

I meditate internally on what I really need. Of course, “what I want” and “what I would like to happen,” are not the same as “what I truly need.”
Here, the context of the expression “what I truly need” is very clear, and also to whom one asks, and each person carries out this Asking in their own way.
The “procedure” of Asking has to do with concentrating this wish in our heart. It is there, in our heart, where we connect with the Force. That is where the energy is, produced by the strong feelings so intimately intertwined with our real needs and capable of spurring their fulfillment. It is in our hearts that we find the Force capable of meeting our real needs.



Inspiring phrase

Remember the best moment of your life and you will comprehend that always had to do with giving without possession.


Audio Day 7




When you finish the last day, make sure to gather your notes and make a synthesis of all the things that were of interest to you. This will definitely help later as you progress. Also include your Askings!