Seminar Series: How to deepen the Asking
Here you will find the recordings of the seminars plus the reference materials that were mentioned. The seminar series has been created for the participants of the 7 Days of Asking who would like to continue their practice and deepen different aspects
They will be held monthly, the last Saturday of each month, 12 noon New York time. the zoom opens 10 minutes early we can start on time. 
We will be sending out reminders to all the participants.  For more info or to send feedback, suggestions, etc. we would love to hear from you:

Seminar 1: Setting up the conditions 


July 25, 2021

Reference Materials

Seminar 1 – zoom video


Zoom meeting – transcription (to be finalized)


Guided Relaxation / Marita

Complete Guided Asking / Nicole


The Asking found on a handwritten note by Silo (date unknown)

Translation: TO ASK is to unite  what we need with the image of it being fulfilled and the way we want to feel in the future. 

On the theme of Faith

The response given by Nicole Myers on the theme of faith at a press conference during the “Mission of 1981,” in Barcelona, Spain. Based on the ideas of Silo.

Additional materials

From the Course on Dis-tension from Autoliberation by Luis Ammann, we find this complete relaxation (external, internal and mental).  This alternate method of relaxation is very helpful in detecting our tensions, both the muscular and internal tensions and learning how to go relaxing them in a methodical way.

01 External relax pt 1

02 External relax pt 2

03 Internal relax

04 Mental relax

Seminar 2: “Deepening the asking: To Whom do I ask“

August 29, 2021

Reference Materials

Seminar 2 – zoom video

Material of the seminar 

Short guided asking/Rita

Guided Experience: The Inner Guide /Marita

Additional materials

Silo Humanize the Earth

Seminar on Day 1: How to facilitate to Ask for Oneself?

September 19, 2021

Reference Materials

Seminar on Day 1 – zoom video

Material of the seminar